Monday thru Friday I am a software developer during the day. The rest of the time I am a mom, animal lover, and photographer. I am also a bit of a nerd (seriously, my bathroom is T.A.R.D.I.S themed). Don't be surprised if you see my nerdy side seep through in my posts and photographs.

The majority of the photographs I take are outside, hence my tagline "Lets go outside."  I enjoy the outdoors.  I was raised to love the woods.  I am always looking for the next place to go.  I am happiest when outside exploring the city, the woods, the beach, or my backyard. A good portion of my macro photographs are done on my own land. When I go out my outdoor adventures I usually take my husband along with me. I jokingly call him my assistant, because he always ends up lugging some of my things, going to fetch a different lens, my tripod, and some of my other equipment.   He is always a good sport about it, and never complains.  He does sweet things to encourage.   I am forever and always grateful for him.

Please enjoy having a look around my site.   May it inspire you to go outside!